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Founder of Kitzo Productions, Karla Legaspy is a Two Spirit MeXICANA filmmaker raised in East Los Angeles. Her film career started with the Sundance selected film Pura Lengua, which followed with Karla acting, producing and now writing/directing her own content.

She is a two-time awardee of the Latino Public Broadcasting Public Media Content Fund.  Karla is proud of her many creative collaborations with artist, community and organizations.

Her creative spectrum of work crosses borders, time and genres with themes on race, class, sexual orientation, trauma, artivism, ceremonial work and queer love.  

Karla’s is known for her PBS audience award winning film “Gold Star” playing on PBS platforms.

As a producer, Karla has been able to support numerous projects that bring forth the queer/trans brown experience.

She is the producer of the acclaimed series “Undocumented Tales: Season 3” now playing on YouTube. Her latest LPB film “The Daily War” will broadcast this summer on the PBS Latino Experience.

As an active member of the queer Latinx community she Co-founded and is programming director of The Latin@ Queer Arts and Film Festival/Cine Arte Film Festival.  Karla envisions her work as the best tool for activism and her contribution to empowering her communities. 


    My name is by Karla Legaspy 1

    My Name Is

    Follows Sofia as she battles with evil and guided by the spirit of her grandmother | Magical Realism

    Marisol By Karla Legaspy


     Little bario girl becomes best friends with a trans woman and uses her imagination to check out of her rough surroundings.

    DIX By Karla Legaspy


    Futuristic story following a queer rap group living in the abandon part of L.A.

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    LPB Karla Legaspy

    “Do work that matters. Vale la pena”

    – Gloria E. Anzaldúa

    Coming Up…

    July 20, 2021

    The Daily War Premiere • Nationwide, USA

    The short is part of ‘The Latino Experience’ airing on PBS stations July 20th at 9 p.m.
    ‘ The Daily War ’ a co-production with Latino Public Broadcasting.

    August 2021

    Screening • Los Angeles, CA

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